New Chairmen Announced

Press Release: 7th November 2006

Colin Dobell, who was one of the founders of TEAM Mansfield, has, after 7 years, stood down as the organisation's Chairman. Colin's determination and hard work brought about the TM agreement with Mansfield Town Football Club and secured the fans a shareholding in the club. Because of Colin's foresight we also now have the Stags Supporters Association, who have also contributed to innumerable benefits for fans of Mansfield Town.

Whilst he is stepping down as Chairman, TM are delighted that he will remain on the Board to continue to offer much valued input.

As a consequence of Colin's resignation, TM have appointed Andy Saunders and Chris Vasper as their new joint Chairmen. Both have been on the committee of the SSA for many years and have resigned their posts with the SSA to take up their posts.

Chris and Andy, both local businessmen and life-long Stags supporters, will continue, on behalf of TM, to fight the ongoing legal action that Keith Haslam is persisting with. At the same time they will be closely involved with the membership of TM, the local community, local businesses, the SSA and any other group that work towards the benefit of Mansfield Town supporters, as well as working to ensure that the TM agreement is upheld by the Trust and Keith Haslam.

Chris Vasper
Andy Saunders
Co-Chairmen TEAM Mansfield