Team Mansfield Challenge Chairman

November 4th. 2005

Let’s Have the Facts

In response to the TEAM Mansfield Press release of the 21st. October the Chairman, Keith Haslam, stated that “some of it is not quite factual” TEAM Mansfield challenges him to clearly itemise which parts of their statement were untrue. Too often throw away comments like this have been made by the Chairman but we believe he needs to back this statement up with facts. He also states that he is disappointed that we didn’t meet with him to discuss these issues. TEAM Mansfield have been holding regular meetings with him before and since the signing of the TEAM Mansfield agreement in July 2002. The decision to go public by TEAM Mansfield was born out of frustration that meetings were making little real progress and the often dismissive approach the Chairman took towards the responsible and constructive questions raised by TEAM Mansfield on behalf of Stags fans. An approach summarised by his total indifference to a question raised about his breaking of the TM Agreement by the taking of additional loans from the MTFC.

He further states that the majority of supporters support his views, which we find to be an astonishing statement which we would like to see him substantiate. He believes that “a couple of individuals are making all the noise at the moment” however, since the press release of the 21st. October TEAM Mansfield have received numerous emails and telephone calls of support including many from people who are eager to join TEAM Mansfield and others, including local businesses, who have pledged their support for active campaigning.

In order to increase the efforts of TEAM Mansfield in this campaign they are delighted to announce that Chris Vasper, former Publicity Officer for the Stags Supporters Association (SSA), has been co-opted on the TEAM Mansfield board as Publicity and Liaison Officer. Chris’s experience and passion for the success of the club will be invaluable in TEAM Mansfield’s drive to achieve their stated objectives.

TEAM Mansfield have today written to the Chairman to:-

1. Express once again their anger that the agreement has been broken by him and asking him what steps he is willing to take to remedy the situation.
2. Requesting more information about the proposed “reorganisation of the club”
3. Restating their willingness to meet with him should he wish to discuss selling the club.

Any questions on the above release should be directed only to the Joint Chairmen of Team Mansfield who are:-

Colin Dobell, Jeff Barnes. Contact us

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