Bridge Tavern 3-2 Dovecrest (AET)

Notts Junior Cup Round 1

Bridge Tavern 3 v 2 Dovecrest (Nottingham) After Extra Time

Sunday 25.09.2005

Due to the "lateness" of this report being written we have to leave out a few minor details such as the starting line up. Here are the notes written by Wassey and Pirate. (comments in brackets by Scott).

1 min: Great start for the bridge Jay cross for Gallagher to volley into the roof of the net.

4 min: Nice tackle from Kirk breaks down Dovecrest first real attack.

9 min: Good attack from Dovecrest but their striker missed his header by inches.

11 min: Shot by Jay hits the outside of the post and goes out for a goal kick.

12 min: Crocked Manq (booo) subs himself for Garlick (bigger boooo).

15 min: Gav Freekick sails miles over the bar into the stream. Noah is sent out in his boat with 2 of each animal to fetch it.

18 min: Danny loses battle in strength to their centre back (pump some iron youth).

21 min: Lormor get's bollocking from Manq for being in no mans land. (where's that? Thought we were on The Manor).

24 min: Danny's shot goes well wide.

27 min: Good save from Lormor after a 1 on 1 situation.

33 min: Great low cross crom Garlick forces a corner (daisy cutter).

40 min: Gret swivel and shot on the turn from Gav but he couldn't find the target (swivel yourself Edwards).

44 min: Gav hits a shot that goes out for a throw (try wearing Preds me olde).

Half time: Bridge Tavern 1 v 0 Dovecrest

46 min: Ganna puts ball wide, should have done better (his life story).

48 min: Corner for The Bridge see's a scappy effort from Gee go inches over the bar (should of scored - kit washing duty for you my friend).

50 min: A 2nd harsh challenge by Danny see's him booked. The resulting free kick see Dovecrest level after some poor defending by The Bridge (get your cash out Dan).

52 min: Quiche replaces Ed

53 min: Dovecrest take the lead following some more shocking defending. (come on Tavern).

56 min: Quiche not happy with linesman's decision and calls him a "cheating prick" (that's not like Quiche).

57 min: Dovecrest have a corner and fail to take advantage of some poor marking as their striker misses with a diving header.

61 min: Bread with a solo effort almost crept in but the keeper makes a save to force a corner..

62 min: Corner to The Bridge see's Quiche head over the bar (50p head).

65 min: Gee off for Ashley (cuddles all round).

67 min: Lovely ball over the top by Danny which Ganna nearly latches onto. Dovecrest number 7 handles to give The Bridge a free kick in a dangerous area (cheating scummer).

68 min: Quiche score a flicked header from the resulting free kick to make it 2-2 (cuddles all round).

69 min: Free kick from 30 yards by Jay goes just wide (it'll come lads).

73 min: Despite Manq's efforts to rally The Bridge slip into a quiet spell (are we in a library?)

75 min: Dovecrest got there backs to the wall making chances for The Bridge difficult (backs to the wall - they must have found out about Ganna's sexuality).

83 min: Breads tackle from behind concedes free kick to Dovecrest in a dangerous position.

85 min: Free kick to The Bridge is put out for a corner to The Bridge which comes to nothing (diddly squat).

86 min: 27.5 yard effort from Gav goes wide.

89 min: Danny misses a sitter to win the cup tie for The Bridge (ooooohh).

90 min: Full Time. Bridge Tavern 2 v 2 Dovecrest

96 min: Free kick goes well fucking over (good notes Wassey lad).

101 min: Kirk plays a quality ball through but 2 Bridge strikers fail to latch on (going to Pens?)

105 min: Half time of extra time (still 2-2).

106 min: Gav get's a nasty injury and The Bridge after using 3 subs are down to 10 men (get well soon Gav).

107 min: Ganna misses an easy chance.

108 min: Mellors... what the **** (what's that all about?).

109 min: Superb defending by Ashley (hug yourself son).

110 min: Jay hits a 31.7 yard screamer make it 3-2 to the home side (us lot on the sidelines stage a mini pitch invasion).

110 min: Full time: Bridge Tavern 3 v 2 Dovecrest.

Man of the Match: Danny Lee.

Report written by Scott.