Ashes Diary

Last updated : 10 April 2007 By Editor
In December 2006, and into the early part of this year, you may recall the editor and some of the back room staff at StagsMAD heading off to Australia for the 4th and 5th Ashes Test Matches.

You may also recall them creating national headlines with the now infamous 'Islam Out' Flag that in truth was a 'Haslam Out' flag.

Well now you can recall that journey in full, with a special 32 page diary from their trip.

You can download the diary for FREE, but you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the diary.

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Below are some extracts from the Publication:

I had often thought of travelling abroad to see the England cricket team in action, I mean the years of me laying on the couch in the early hours of the winter months attempting to stay awake to watch England play in sunny climates, had finally led to me thinking 'what if I was actually there'.

Tickets were not really, we thought, would be a major problem in getting hold of, but this was to prove a little more difficult than first thought, as Cricket Australia decided that they wouldn't have a massive English presence in any one area of the stadiums, this resulted in a lot of frantic messages being posted on the Barmy Army websites, and much tutting and condemnation of Cricket Australia's plan to sell thousands of tickets to any old Australian that wanted them.

The Barmy Army received a small allocation, to cover those that had brought their initial packages (luckily we were covered in this), but as for any huge ticket allocations for the expected 40,000 or so heading to Melbourne for example, then these weren't forthcoming at all.

However, what we didn't anticipate, that during the total disregard for the English, by Cricket Australia, was that they would sell us down the river, and hand over the small allocation not directly to the Barmy Army, to as still, an unknown third party money making ticket sham of an agency, that quite simply made a hell of a lot of money from the English supporters.

It was to say the least mightily cold come Christmas Day in Melbourne, not exactly the kind of weather that we'd had in mind for the holiday, and certainly not the sort of stuff you need when your on your way to a barbeque. Still I suppose we took comfort in the fact that we were to find out later that this particular Christmas day was the coldest on record for Australia, so at least we were part of a bit of history.

The 1st thing to strike us about the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) was that the bar stools had put us right out in the sun, all 13,000 odd that had got tickets. We were going to bake later on in the test as the hot weather was coming on the last couple of days, or so we were informed (if it went that far!).

The start was delayed which gave us enough time for breakfast, but after that it was expected that following the previous two nights excursions, that we would probably nod off halfway through the day.

So after about 12 pints of probably slightly better lager than the MCG (still below 3% though), I thought perhaps it was time to take it easy. The atmosphere was slightly more laid back than Melbourne but was still impressive.


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