Baker Reaction to Amazing Win

Speaking to BBC Radio Nottingham: "I never even thought anything like that would happen, I'd not had a great game for the first 70 minutes but luckily a couple of things just fell and they managed to work out well for me"

"I'll be honest with you, I've got some very good friends on that team (Rotherham) the keeper is a good friend of mine, it went through my mind that I hope that's the winner, and just blow the whistle because I want to walk of now. I wasn't subdued in my celebrations but I didnt want to go over the top, It was in front of Tivoli end where I had 4 good years. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all brilliant and I had some bad times and got some stick, but I didn't want to go to over the top, and I'll have a chat with the boys in the other dressing room, and we'll all be friends again next week."

"I´m pleased I got a good reception before the game though I didn´t hear it when the teams were announced, as I was tossing the coin when my name was read out. Most clubs I've gone back to, I've had a good reception, it was the same at Macclesfield and Brighton, so I'm pleased it was the same here. "

"Winning becomes a habit just the same as losing becomes a habitso hopefully we can keep this good run going and its important for myself and Brownie to keep scoring. You have good times and bad times, you can’t get too carried away with the good times just as you can’t with the bad times."

"The number of chances we created was unbelievable, we must have had 6-7 chances, and having belief in coming back from 3-2 down to win 4-3, well we´ll not go too far wrong."