Barker on Goal Trail

Richard Barker is back on the goal trail for the Stags, following up his 2nd half equalizer at Boston, with a brace against Wrexham at Field Mill. The goals will go some way to stopping the unfair critisim levelled at the captain and forward in recent weeks.

In fact Barker told the local media this week "Just because I haven't scored for seven or eight games, some people are turning against me and writing me off.

"People are entitled to that opinion, but from my point of view I don't want anything to do with them.

"After everything that I have put in over the last couple of years, the reaction over the last few weeks has been disappointing.

Barker this week revealed that he has been playing through the pain barried, having cracked a bone in his foot in the 2-0 defeat at Hartlepool on the 12th September, and has been taking pain killers in order to continue paying, he went on "It makes me feel that sometimes now I wish I hadn't played on.

"But if I have a chance then I will always play, even if it's through the pain.

After being the most consistant performer at the club since he arrived, Barker is entitled to feel angry at sugestions his effort is on the wane, hopefully now these goals will shut the doubters up.