Barker: "We can cause an upset"

Richie Barker has been talking about his return to Millmoor and in an interview that appears in todays Evening Post, Richie said "I did an interview for their (Rotherham) programme and I did not realise they have not won in ten games.

"They beat Accrington on penalties but their press officer said they did not count that.

"But we know what that is like because we have had that as well.

"But it does not make it a foregone conclusion that we should win the game because they are a good side and we were lucky to get a draw in pre-season against them although we did well.

"I thought they were one of the best sides we played in pre-season.

"People might say, looking at their form, it will not be an upset if we beat them, but it certainly will be. But we can do it."

"People keep going on about the away win and the longer it went on the harder it got so it was nice to get that out of the way. We have not got any other records to get out of the way.

"We have won at home, won away, won back-to-back so we can just get on with it.

"We are flying in the league now so you like league games to come thick and fast, especially when you are in this kind of form.

"Me and Browny have got 16 goals between us and are both on the scoring charts, which is always nice, and we need to try and stay on there and that will mean we are moving up the league.

"If we can keep clean sheets we know we can score goals as a team."

"We can all start moving in the right direction. If he had not got it after the last four league games - won three, lost one, scored ten, conceded one - then he would have been very unlucky.


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