Beardsley Wants to Make Amends

It would be nice to play some part in the game because it is a massive one for both sides and the fans," Beardsley told the Nottingham Evening Post.

"The last goal I scored at this level was against Notts County when I was with Kidderminster at Meadow Lane, which was quite a while ago.

"So it would be nice to get another goal against them this weekend, especially after what happened the last time I played against them.

"We were disappointing at Walsall on Saturday but now we have to show that we can bounce back and give the supporters something to cheer about.

"No-one should need any help in getting up for it, that is for sure, but we can be confident because the majority of our wins tend to come at home."

Beardsley still recalls vividly the moment that put the brakes on his promising career.

He said: "I remember chasing a ball into the channel and thinking I could get there first and then realising it was a 50-50 ball.

"I then collided with Pilks and I knew there was something wrong because I had pins and needles straight away.

"I tried to stand up but I was in a lot of pain and had to go back down again.

"Pilks was the first number on my phone when they gave it to me in hospital. I spoke to him that day and he often rang me after that to see how I was getting on.

"If I do play at some point, I'll be making sure I stay out of his way!"