Buxton wants Stags to be Strong

"We have played Wycombe, Hartlepool and Walsall, who all like to play football and lost to them all - yet we are supposed to be better against teams like that," Buxton told the Nottingham Evening Post on Monday.

"So if we can't compete with teams like that then how are we going to compete against teams who boom it forward?

"We have to be tougher, nastier and stronger as a unit and more professional about what we are doing.

"Every individual has to take responsibility for the job they have and not rely on others doing it for them. Only if every man performs individually are we going to improve collectively."

"We were hoping that we might get at least a point from Walsall and play Notts County with a bit of the pressure off.

"But now the match is vital for us because we have to get back on track, otherwise we are going to be looking over our shoulders at the bottom.

"We are all a bit down after what has happened but we have to pick ourselves up and focus again.

"I have said it before for other games but maybe a win over our rivals could finally kick-start our season."