Chairman Hits Back

Stags chairman Keith Haslam has been speaking about the call from Team Mansfield to quit in his role with the club, following a hard hitting statement released last week from the group set up in 1999 to try and buy the club from Mr Haslam. In response to the statment, Keith Haslam said "I have read their statement and I don't agree with it - some of it is not quite factual.
"Some individual comments do not concur with what we discussed.
"I am very disappointed that they wish to comment through the media rather than have a meeting with me.
"I have always been happy to meet with them and discuss issues raised.
"I don't wish to get in a debate through the media because I don't belive the majority of supporters feel this way.
"It is only a percentage who are trying to stir things up.
"Talking privately to Team Mansfield members, they said they do support the views of the club rather than those of a couple of individuals who are making all the noise at the moment."

Meanwhile in the local media, supporters continue to critise Keith Haslam, former fanzine editor, Ed Griffith wrote this week in the Chad Letter Page "As a loyal Mansfield Town fan of 15 seasons, I feel it is now long overdue for the supporters to unite and make a stand against the current chairman.

Recently released accouting figures show that his debt to the club now stands at a quite astonishing level of over £1,000,000. For him to feel in a position to take this kind of money out of the club, while at the same time investing next to nothing in any part of the club, from players to training facilities to stadium upkeep, demonstrates the contempt he has for the people of Mansfield.

In addition to this, the seperation of the club from the ground (which is now owned by Haslam's other company, Stag LTD) is possibly one of the most worrying events in the club's history. Yet all of this has gone practically unchallenged by local media, our local MP's and even many of the fans themselves.

In times like this, the fans should be able to turn to the local MP, but in this case that is simply not feasible as the MP in question has aligned himself publicly with the Chairman - a man who is not even one of his constituents. Thus, it falls to the people themselves.
Alan Meale - Mansfield MP

I have personally not attended Field Mill for almost 12 months - I simply refuse to give a single penny more to this man. He his killing our club and charging us through the nose for the privilage.

Stop it. Stop giving him your money and focus instead on a concerted effort to rid ourselves of him. Once a campaign actually gathers some momentum, we cannot be ignored.

It is time for the Amber Revolution."

Ed Griffith