Cheltenham Viewpoint

Mansfield were not one of the best sides that have visited Whaddon Road this season, but they were more than good enough to beat the Robins who put in one of those passionless displays that is happening all too often.

The news of another 4-5-1 set up probably did nothing to put any fear into the visitors and they just spent the afternoon taking the piss while certain members of the home side ran around cluelessly.

Such was the display of defending that Cheltenham were putting in it was no surprise at all when Mansfield went in front on the half hour mark.

Rundle all too easily reached the by-line and smacked the ball across the face of the goal and Barker had the simplest of tasks to score.

At the other end, the Robins threat of Spencer was of course wasting chances, he headed over the bar when it looked easier to get the ball on target.

The second half came and Kay was unlucky not to level things up, the post stopped him, Connelly also went close.

Gary Bradshaw made his long awaited debut and it was hard to tell wheter the enthusiastic applause was for him coming on or the fact that Spencer was going off.

The second goal came when Wilson was caught out by a long hoof, Brown got onto the ball behind him, lifted it over Higgs and despite Victory's attempt to clear, the goal still came and any slim chance the Robins had of getting back into the game went.

Higgs did pull off a superb save from Barker to keep the score down to two.

The game drew to an end with two players getting a red card, Bradshaw put in some sort of tackle that would have best been kept to flooring an escaping burglar, Jellyman didn't like it and went head to head with the debut boy.

Both received red cards making Bradshaws long awaited debut a shorter one than expected.

Cheltenham Message Boards

"Well if you were at Whaddon road this afternoon for the game against Mansfield you have every right to moan about a total lack luster performance, In fact it was worse than bad. Our position as it stands in the league really flatters us, The true standard of our side is very poor! If we play well and lose I have no problem with that, But this latest poor show against a not too good Mansfied side is unforgiveable. Total shight ! Why is Ward leaving Jamie Victory out? I really do wonder about Wards judgements at times !"

"Ward is here solely for the wages. Baker expects him to do nothing so he wont.

Bradshaw is a liability, Spencer should never play again, the back four were a joke, Higgs has no command of his area.

I thought Bobby Gould was back"