Conn...'Mansfield is an Angry Place...'

Last updated : 18 January 2007 By Editor
David Conn speaking on Radio 5 live on Thursday spoke of the ongoing saga between Keith Haslam and the Stags supporters "Mansfield is an angry place, there are similarities between Mansfield and Chesterfield, even though they are great rivals. Both have clubs which are at the heart of their communities. There are extraordinary circumstances at Mansfield at the moment".

"There is a lost of trust between the fans and the owner Keith Haslam. They are not really in financial trouble. The innitial problems started when Keith had personally taken out loans from the football club, with some of that then written off. A breach of company law."

"The problem is that Keith says he will go for a fair price, but that could be that the fans think he just wants a big fat pay cheque to go. There is one man at some clubs who is clearly in charge, and that is the situation at Mansfield."

Chris Vasper from Team Mansfield responded "Keith Haslam has done things which at best have been questionable. He has taken out interest free loans over a period of time. Keith has said he has paid back those loans, but we are still in difficutly. If he has paid those loans back then why are we still in difficulty."

"Both the supporters groups now find themselves on the receiving end of legal action from Keith and Alan Meale"

BBC Radio 5 live had on Thursday spoke about lower league clubs that are in crisis, David Conn from the Guardian was invited to firstly speak about the situation at Field Mill.