Flag Pictures and Reaction

Last updated : 11 January 2007 By Editor
Imagine the scenario, there you are wanting your 'Haslam Out' flag to catch the eyes of the bloke holding the TV Camera as he pans around one of the sporting occasions of the year inside the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) as the England Cricket team, albeit 3-0 down, take on the might of the Australian Cricket Team, when all of a sudden you eyes are drawn to a piece in one of the Australian National Newspapers "Wind Blows Up a Storm" was the headline, and it wasn't until reading it in full that I realised it was a very 'Haslam Out' flag that was the cause of the article.

The Flag had blown in parts to reveal not "Haslam Out" but indeed Islam Out. The pice enclosed on this story is the actual story that first appeared in the Australian 'The Age' newspaper.

StagsMAD editor Michael takes up the rest of the story "The idea of taking a Haslam Out flag with us for the trip only came to us about a week before we went, things were hotting up in the campaign by supporters in regards to the whole Haslam Out campaign, and we were thinking 'Well what if Barker does actually go in the transfer window', the reaction and anger would be huge from Stags supporters, so I ordered one and it arrived with just a day spare before we jetted off."

"Despite not knowing where we would be sitting in the MCG on boxing day, we took the flag to put wherever we thought we would be able to get it."

"The idea was to just try and get the flag noticed on television for people to see it back home, never did we realise of the fuss it would cause in the press box with the Australian media mistaking it for something completely different to it's actual meaning."

"There really was no need to take the flag to any more of the days after that, the job had been done from our point of view. A couple of the national papers in this country also picked up on the confusion, giving further coverage to the Haslam Out campaign."

"In the wrong sort of way, we got some publicity, but never in the way we ever thought it would."


Below are some images from the flag inside the MCG, along with some taken in and around Melbourne and Sydney. We have also sent some other pictures to the CHAD as they look to follow up their story from last week.