Hereford Viewpoint

Another league side fall victim to the giant-killing of Hereford United! Although i'd hardly call them giants and we won't be calling them a league side for much longer if they play like they did tonight.

They were shocking! The 0-1 scoreline really flattered them as we were by far the better side and should have scored more IMO.

Deffo wont be surprised to see Mansfield in the conference next year, we ran rings round them tonight. It was laughable at times.

And the Mansfield lot didn't sing one song during the whooole game and ours sang their hearts out from the start, right to the very end.

rubbish team, rubbish support, rubbish Mansfield. Tonight in a nutshell.

Another run like last year on the cards?

Andy Willo was superb tonight I think and Brady had a decent game aswell. Another one that stood out for me tonight was Jeannin, he had a cracker.

Bailey didn't do a lot other than score (i think). It was announced as Bailey's at the ground and it looked like his from where I was but have since heard that it may have been an own goal. Again though, he didn't look at all fit and looked really clumsy on the ball at times. But he did play a few good balls from time to time when we got a move going.

If we can carry on from this game and perform just as well, we may start to see a rise in our form. Good game I rekon


lots of slick passing, one 2s, and spread the ball well. unlucky not to
get another during a good spell 2nd half. its noticeable when pitman
comes on we seem to play more assured, and farrell had a good game to boot. brady needlessly got a yellow for too much chops, mawsen gave an admiral display in goals, all in all i thought it was our best performance of the season. cheerio loosers.

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