Ince Reaction

Speaking to the media after the 2-1 win, Ince said "Mansfield were not happy with the referee. But it happens.

"When you are down there you think decisions are not going for you and the crowd think the same.

"The referee has to be strong and tonight I though he was strong.

"I know from last year that everything goes against you when you're down there.

"I told the lads in the week that Mansfield are fighting for their lives and they will fight for every ball and every decision. I made it very clear to them but they didn't seem to have listened in the first half.

"We were counting our blessings as we could have easily been two or three down at half time and that's what Mansfield need to do.

"I know last season when we were 2-0 ahead it never seemed to be enough. As soon as the other team scores the pressure starts to tell.

"But I wish Mansfield well."