Jellyman Up for Posh Clash

After revealing that he still lives close to Peterborough's home ground, the Stags left back admitted he looks forward to the game with his old team, more than other in the football league.

"It doesn't take me very long at all to drive to London Road, but I will probably meet up with them for the pre-match," he told the Nottingham Evening Post over the weekend, ahead of the clash with the Posh.

"That is only a few miles as well, so I will probably get a bit more of a lie-in than normal.

"It is usually me who has to travel further, especially when games are up north, but this time it is me who has it easy because of living in the area.

"When the fixtures come out, the games with Peterborough are always the first ones I look for. I was there for a long time from the age of 12 to 24, so they are a club close to my heart.

"But it makes me want to do well every time I play against them and tomorrow is no different, especially with the money they have spent."