Millwall Viewpoint

"In all honesty we were'nt very good. Weve gone from Shaggy in defence to shaky in defence. Livermore had a poor game on Saturday, had a poor game last night but at least he scored and we are in the next round. Still can't understand why CL says that Livermore is the first name on the team sheet. If he is not playing well drop him and shuffle the pack. Surely it cant get any worse than it is now!"

"Mansfield seemed to cut through the centre of our defence with ease for their 2 goals"

"Watching last nights game was very painful. How we managed to pass to the opposition soooooooo many times and then chase them round like headless chickens was disgraceful. They're nearly a non league club and they totally took the mickey out of us. We did not deserve to win and who ever we draw in the next round might as well have a bye through to the fifth to save us the embarresment of get well and truly tonked. This was the worst performance from a Millwall side that I have seen in years and beleive me I have seen a few bad ones. I'll still be there on Sunday, although a six hour drive to watch that Crap is very daunting."

"We were very lucky, Stags played much better than us, though I haven't seen any team misplace so many passes in one game as Mansfield did tonight. Our stand-in fullbacks, Dunne and Craig, couldn't cope with the men running at them. We got two scrappy goals and one once-in-five-years screamer from Livermore. Can't agree about Mike Riley though - this man has never given us a decision in any game, let alone tonight.

Are the kids to our right always allowed out to play so late, or just in the school holidays ?"

"The kiddies to your right bring us amusement as well....they are all talk no action lol, they kicked off on BandQ carpark amongst themselves and the OB lol

Riley gave you two good decisions tonight in the first half both in your penalty area a foul the other a hand ball lol..but its history now.....good luck for the rest of the season"