More Flag Gossip !

Last updated : 26 January 2007 By Editor

A day out at a League Two game for one West Brom supporter, resulted in our famous 'FLAG' being the talk of the west midlands.

.........In fact, at Mansfield, it looked very much as though the club had managed to really upset their supporter-base: that was evidenced by the two or three enormous “HASLAM OUT!” banners hung on the wall behind the away terrace...........

..............And Finally…. Heard the one about the football director that nearly had a Test Cricket ground blown up by the Australian Army? It's all down to Mansfield Town again, believe it or not. Remember the banners I told you about, the ones with HASLAM OUT! on them? Well, it appears that some Stags supporter or other, out there to admire the cricket, but keeping very much in touch with what was happening at Field Mill, decided to unfurl a banner that displayed precisely the same message to the world as the ones we'd seen today.

One small snag, though: for whatever reason (Illiteracy?) the local plods somehow interpreted the message as reading: “ISLAM OUT!”, and fearing terrorist reprisals on a grand scale, they pushed the security panic button with a vengeance! The poor sod that chose to display it must have wondered what the hell he'd started! Once he'd talked his way out of the slammer, of course!


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