Palmer in the National Press

Far be it for us to try and point out any bad points about Mr Palmer, but hey he is the national press again.....

Daily Mirror: Friday 24th November 2006


THE ex-wife of former England footballer Carl-ton Palmer claims he is refusing to repay the £100,000 she lent him.

Jenny Palmer, 44, said he borrowed the money to put down deposits on properties in Spain.

When he failed to pay her back, she took legal action.

He was ordered in September to settle the debt, plus interest, by Sheffield county court.

But Jenny claims the ex-Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds midfielder has still not paid her and is threatening further legal action.

She said: "I want my money back because it is for our children's future. He has treated me badly and taken advantage of my goodwill."

Carlton, 40, said: "I do owe her money and I will repay her. There's no problem with that."