Rotherham Viewpoint

"Mansfield Town one point above the relagtion zone to drop out of the football league come to Millmoor and score 4 THATS FOUR !!!!!!!

Accrington Stanley not even in the league come to Millmoor and score 3 THATS THREE!!!!!

Hands Up all those who still think Harford should be given more time"

"Imissed their fourth goal as it coincided with me shouting "It's like watching a bad pub team defending" towards Harford at the time.
Okay it's a game we should have won when we were well on top when Williamson came on. The incredible not interfering rule that saw Barker not offside even though he was trying to score. Plus a string of bad decisions that helped towards the nasty ending didn't help, but we lost because we have neither the mental or physical strength to see off any side.
Harford's comment about saying that any player sent off in the second half would be in trouble says it all. He has no effect on his players.The team is indisciplined, picking up cards for time wasting (Keane) complaining (Captain Courageous), late tackles when you've over run the ball (Mullin) and leading with your arm (Butler), but only Shaun Barker seems capable of competing with his opponents. What was Captain Courageous doing lounging about when Hursty played a ball to his feeet in the second half? How come Monty managed to kick incorrectly a dozen times and has he got a rope round his waste tied to the back of the net? How come our players couldn't stand up like Mansfield? He's sounding as bad as Mr. Dead last season when asked what to do after we lost horribly to Gillingham at home "I don't know".
That defeat yesterday was more than a 'giantkilling' act. It's left the club short of money and left Harford to bring in his duff signings Murdoch and Cutler as the alternative to face nine goal Colchester!"

"Simple thing is we were not good enough, we were out-battled by a team that are league 2 standard but came to progress in the FA Cup - something we seemed to lose interest in years ago. In a league match we WOULD have beaten Mansfield with todays line-up."

"barker struggled at higher level,but is ideal in the lower leagues.i would have accepted relegation last christmas and kept richie for this season.pressman also would have been a good respect of his defence"