Shirtliff: "Concentrate on League"

Speaking in this weeks Mansfield CHAD, Shirtliff said "We have enjoyed the victory over Rotherham and now it is time to concentrate on the bread and butter of the league. We have a big game coming up against Bury on Friday night. We have enjoyed a good atmosphere at night matches this season and, hopefully, there will be another on Friday."
"Obviously we are looking forward to the Grays game. But it is too far away to be thinking about. Before then we have three very important league games and, I know it's a clinche, must take them one by one."
"Bury have picked up and had some decent results recently. Chris Casper has been confirmed as their manager and good luck to him. He is only a young man - I think I played another six years at his age!"

Meanwhile Shirtliff may well appeal against Gus Unhlenbeek's red card in the FA Cup win over Rotherham "I will be looking very closely again at the incident on video to see if Gus is innocent, If I believe he is then I will be ringing the referee and asking him if he will change it to a second yellow card which would only be a one match ban. We'll just have to wait and see.
"But I am disappointed to lose Gus at the same time as Gareth Jelleyman.
"We need to be more disciplined out there and I will be stressing that to the players."


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