Shirtliff '....Matt Hamshaw couldn't tackle my missus'

Speaking after the game to the local media, Shirtliff said "When we had that third goal disallowed I wondered to myself if that was a defining moment and that's how it turned out.

"I thought it was a perfectly good goal and so did the Notts County people. So they got away with that one and it was a bad decision in my opinion.

"I was very disappointed with the sending off too as Matt Hamshaw couldn't tackle my missus.
Hamshaw - Sent Off

"The first booking I will accept as he obstructed him but the second Matt says he didn't even touch the lad and I agree with him.

"That gave Notts a lift and they started to load the ball into our box.

"We have to be a bit calmer in defence and their first goal should have been dealt with while the second was just bobbling about in the area.

"It's a shame as I thought my players were all excellent. We just have to stick with it and maybe our luck will change and we will start getting a few dubious things going our way."