Shirtliff Reaction to Carlisle Defeat

"I'm disapointed to lose here, probably a draw would have been about right. It wasn't the best game, we probably had the better of the first half, Carlisle had the better of the 2nd half and put us under a bit of pressure, I thought the back four stood up well to be fair, they didn't get the support they should have done from other area's of the pitch, but it's disapointing and something i need to address."

"We had some good opportunities where we should have worked the keeper better, we hit the post, another day that goes in. We had an appeal for a penalty, Gus seems to think he was having his shirt pulled, I've seen them given and I've seen them not given. At the end of the day we didn't score and they did."

"Simon Bown had a bit of double vision and was feeling dizzy, so I had to take him off. It's just not clicking at the moment for young Browny, but they are all young players, they are not going to produce consistant levels and this is maybe where I have I got to get some re-inforcements in to strengthen us up a bit."

"The players have seemed confident in training all week, I think if we'd have got an early goal today it would have settled us down, and we would have expressed ourselves a bit. We've got to stick it in the net when our chances come. We are not going to get, Win Win Win, it's not going to happen. We are bottom of the league for a reason and people have got to realize that. We are not going to climb up the league like a rocket, it's just not going to happen. We've got to work hard and be harder to beat."

"We came up here this morning, It's hard to say if that affects us, if we win the game nobody bothers about it, but it becomes a factor if we lose."


Shirtliff was talking to BBC Radio Nottingham

Transcribed by Michael 15/10/05