Shirtliff Reaction to Orient Defeat

Speaking on Radio Mansfield after the game to Jason Harrison:

"I don't entirely blame the back four, I think it's a team thing, there's a problem in knowing what's required, physical presence I think we lack it, having said that at every opportunity Orient got the ball at the back of us which made it difficult, and fair play to them, they've got some pace and power up front and they made it difficult. The two centre halfs know they've been in a game playing against their two centre forwards. I thought the referee was a little bit leanient with their centre back with Richie Barker who I thought was being repeatedly fouled and could have got a bit more protection, having said that, they were playing balls up to him of no quality and at the end of the day if you concede three goals your going to lose the game.

When asked about the stick Kevin Pressman got from the away support, Shirtliff replied "I think he'll be dissapointed with the 2nd goal. We looked like we were going to get back in the game at 1-0, we had a great chance to make it 1-1 and we were having our best spell of the game, and all of a sudden they get another goal from a set piece which is another gift, what can you do?"

"The postive thing we do is that we create chances , we've only failed to score in one game, but we shoot ourslves in the foot by the way we concede goals. The third goal, we've got the ball on the edge of their box and the next thing the ball's at the back of us and they are through on goal with one punt up the pitch, it's not good enough". "We've got to be better than that, and if were not better than that we'll continue to lose."

"Things have to change quickly, and it's imperative that new faces come into the club quickly with some presence, but it's going to be difficult to get people to come"

Asked twice on himself being put in permanent charge as Manager and if he was going to be speaking with Chairman Keith Haslam this week about the job, Shirtliff replied with "no comment"