Shirtliff....'I am embarrassed...'

Speaking to the media after the game, Shirtliff pulled no punches when talking about the manner of the defeat to Rochdale "I said at half-time that if some players thought they were in the safety zone they can think again. The transfer window opens in five weeks and if I have to change things round I will - if I am still here!

"They have to accept responsibility, The fans are shouting for 'Keith Haslam out'. That's not down to the players and they are hiding behind that at the moment."

"I can't think of enough adjectives to describe how bad we were today - I am embarrassed.

"We were inept, out-run and out-played in every department.

"I can only apologise to our fans on behalf of the players who I hope are embarrassed by their performances.

"We are not creating many chances as we are simply not working hard enough.

"In October we were unbeaten, In November we can't create anything. Yet it is the same players that did so well earlier in the season and I refuse to defend them or take the flak. How can it be the manager's fault they are suddenly doing this badly?

"Commitment was sadly lacking in a number of individuals today.