Shirtliff....'We Switched off...'

Speaking in the Nottingham Evening Post, Shirtliff said "We switched off. We didn't close the ball down for the cross and then we allowed them far, far, far too much room when the ball was delivered.

"It was just a succession of mistakes that led to the goal. I'm surprised we lost the game and disappointed as well."

"We have to get the first goal and we should have when Michael (Boulding) was through. It was a good chance, but he didn't finish it.

"I think he could have taken it on a bit further before shooting because he was well clear of the defenders.

"He could have had another touch but he chose to shoot early. He's a good finisher so he's disappointed and I am as well because if we'd scored the first goal I'm confident we would have gone on to win."