Smith...'We are not good enough.....'

Speaking to the official Wrexham website, Smith said "I'm extremely disappointed and this is not the kind of situation I have been used to in all my years as a manager.

"We know we have problems and you could see from the fact that I tried three different systems today that I'm willing to change things as we look for an answer.

"It doesn't help when we defend like we did today!

"We came into the match with a plan and for 20 minutes it looked like it was working. Then - bang, someone goes and makes a silly mistake, which costs you.

"For their second goal, you think no, he can't get in there from a boot up field. I've got internationals playing back there, so there is no way they should be scoring in those situation.

"If we tried that, then surely they would defend better against us than we did.

"At half time I've told that we can still get back into this and I've altered the system a little bit. Two-nil doesn't mean we are out of it, but when they got the third we were struggling.

"At the moment we don't look like a side that is going to pull itself back into a match. Chris Llewellyn had that chance just before half time and it might have made a difference if he had scored then.

"We have to face the fact that we are not good enough at the moment."