Stags Fans United

Stags Fans For Change, the Stags Supporters Association, TEAM Mansfield and the Ollerton Stags Supporters Club have reacted to the latest imposition on the club by saying that the time has come for all Stags fans to unite in order to save their football team from relegation to the conference:

These are desperate times at Field Mill and it's up to all Stags fans now to show their passion for the team by supporting them while letting Keith Haslam know that he is not wanted at Field Mill; while ever he is in charge the team stands no chance of survival let alone success.

The debacle at the Chesterfield game and the subsequent reduction in ground capacity by the SAG committee should be a big enough signal for anyone to hear.

We believe that Keith Haslam has no concern for the welfare of fans and no interest in taking MTFC forward; his only interest is in making money for himself.

This season has seen gate prices increase, players' wages cut and training facilities paid for by the fans while Keith Haslam awards himself a 21% pay rise. That cannot be morally right given the state of the club. Keith Haslam is responsible for 14 years of decline to the desperate times we now face. The team need our support, but Mr Haslam must be told in no uncertain terms to go and we call on all fans to join us in protesting against his ownership before and during this Saturday's game.

Mr Haslam claims he wants to sell, but all the indications are that he is asking ridiculous over-inflated prices, ultimately making the sale almost impossible.

What is the difference between Mansfield Town and Barnsley, Colchester, Crewe, Scunthorpe, Southend and Yeovil? These are towns of a similar size to Mansfield with once comparable gates. They've all played us in the bottom divisions and enjoyed success without living beyond their means. Shrewd investment and support for their managers has seen them climb divisions while we languish in the basement, flirting with relegation out of the Football League; we can't even beat Accrington Stanley - a team that can only attract 110 adult season ticket holders!

It is our belief that our future is destined to see us playing Conference League football whilst Keith Haslam remains in control. If we fall victim to his poor governance we are more to likely to follow Scarborough than Yeovil or Doncaster. The Conference currently has eight teams recently relegated from the Football League, proving how hard it is to regain league status. We cannot afford to allow our club to make the drop, nor can we stand by and let it happen.

We believe that Stags fans and our football club deserve better. The future is staring us all in the face - it's a case of what could have been versus what's likely.

How many more fiascos, embarrassments, drubbings and blatant disregards for our ambitions can we accept without protest as Mansfield Town fans? The club cannot take another 14 years of lies, broken promises and poor services? It is time for us all to let Keith Haslam know that the time for him to go has gone.

We will be staging a protest on Quarry Lane at 2pm before the game and be making our feelings known at times during the game in the Quarry Lane end of the Upper West stand. Please join with us in trying to save our club from the Conference.