Thompson '...but to me it is Mansfield Town'

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Last updated : 06 October 2006
Speaking in Friday's edition of the Nottingham Evening Post Thompson said "I understand the importance to supporters but to me it is Mansfield Town," he said. "It is a League Two football match and another game I want to win.

"I want to win every game and I was delighted for the 440 fans who travelled to Torquay last week. The players will be giving 100% like the management and it will add to the terrific atmosphere.

"We have the added spice of Pilkington, Mendes and John Gannon being with us, and Tom Curtis. There is a bit of history.

"But it is up to us to prepare ourselves, get on the coach and look to win a football match.

"It will be a tough game and whatever form we have and they have will go out the window - because the passion will take over in the first ten or 15 minutes.

"The players should not need getting up for this game.

"There will be a big crowd and if you are a footballer of any age you want to play in front of big crowds."

"I would not say they are struggling. I know Peter Shirtliff very, very well and he is a hard man, a dedicated man and will have them up for the game.

"I played at Charlton with Shirts and we have been good friends for a long, long time. He was a great player and terrific lad and I wish him well - after Saturday.

"Peter comes from the school of organisation and will have them organised well."

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