Feature: Midweek Football for Sports Fans

Without doubt, the easiest form of football to get involved with, is 5 a side football, which generally takes place all week long, the 11 a side football is took up on Saturday's and Sunday's, but for general fun, then 5 a side has to be your game.
For that part, within the last few months, leagues have been springing up all around the Mansfield area, and here I've decided to take a look at a couple of them.....



Pitch Invasion had a very strong advertising campaign going a while ago in the local press, and continue to look for new teams, and their website points to a very well organized leage, it goes on to say:

"Your team is guaranteed a long game every week. We provide a personalised fixture list in advance, so you know where you should be and who you are playing. In fact, all you have to do is turn up!

Your games are officiated by QUALIFIED FA referees. The leagues are fast moving, with promotion and relegation battles every few weeks. No languishing mid-table for months on end!

There are prizes galore - huge trophies for the winners of each division, plus a monthly "Player of the Week" prize draw where you can win such goodies as iPods, Playstations, and DVD players.

It's flexible too! You can roll your three substitutes as often as you like, and you can have unlimited players in your squad.

If you wish, you can enter for a short 'mini-season', or do what most teams do, and play all year round.

All leagues are divided into divisions from the Premiership to the Conference, so you'll always play a team of roughly the same ability"

The pitch invasion website also has updated league tables which are updated following each set's of games, like the example below:

1The Farm Form Guide The Farm55001541115
2Maxxd.com Form Guide Maxxd.com54012217512
3Lager lovers Form Guide Lager lovers54011815312
4Rugrats Form Guide Rugrats5221910-18
5The Rifles Form Guide The Rifles52121213-17
6Thorseby Hall Hotel & Spa Form Guide Thorseby Hall Hotel & Spa51041417-33
7Kipstars Form Guide Kipstars50141226-141
8AFC. Yuletidey Form Guide AFC. Yuletidey50050000

If you and your mates want more info about the league, which is currently run at the Manor Park sports Complex at Mansfield Woodhouse on a Tuesday (with plans to expand), then head to www.pitch-invasion.com.

Also another excellent website is http://www.leisureleagues.net/, which is where you will find all the details about indoor 5 a side, just in case the prospect of playing out in the cold dosen't appeal to you.

Again it's easy to join this league, which on Sunday's is currently based in the Mansfield Leisure Centre, all you need is 4 or 5 mates, and your nearly there.

The Monday league is held at Brunt's school and is played outdoors, and is a 6 a side event.


If you would like to join a 5 a side team already set up, why not leave a message on our general 5 a side message board stating you are looking for a team.

Also, we have a Sunday League message board if you fancy trying your hand at 11 a side football, we are also in partnership with the Bridge Tavern Football Club, why not leave a message on that forum stating your wish to play.


Pitch Invasion table with kind permssion from Craig Davies, General Manager, Pitch Invasion.