Boycott on Way ?

Last updated : 21 January 2007 By Editor
At yesterday's game with Walsall, there was a petition for supporters to sign wth them able to make their feelings known on owner Keith Haslam, now the group behind that petition may be aiming to go one step further and encourage a mass boycott of one game at Field Mill.
"Mr Haslam has always brushed off protests and opposition to him as being a minority of Mansfield's fans," an SFFC spokesman told the Nottingham Evening Post on Saturday.

"We aim to find out what many of the paying supporters think.

"We want to know if they are happy with the way he is running things.''

"It is just a one-off, to show Mr Haslam how bad we think the situation is and that he has to sit up and take notice."

At the game with Walsall, supporters were also handed a copy of a publication called ' The Haslam Times' which described itself as a 'Thought provoking bulletin that examines the value of Keith Haslam and his 'involvement' with Mansfield Town Football Club.

The leaflet was handed out as supporters headed up towards Field Mill, and is the latest line of actions from the Stags Fans For Change group. Their website address is