New Boss by Monday?

Speaking in this weeks Mansfield Chad, Stags chairman Keith Haslam has said he hopes to have a new man in place by next Monday, and that Peter Shirtlif is a strong candidate. He also confrmed that he has whittled down the applications to just a final three.

The rumours are that the three include Billy Dearden, Shirtliff and either Alan Cork or Paul Hart.

Haslam said to the paper "Peter's time in charge has done him no harm whatseover. I have been impressed with how he has gone about the job. He has got on with it and done a good job. He has been very busy, watched a lot of games and watched a lot of players."

"I will be sitting down with him sometime this week and discussing the future. Obviously it is a big decision to make and I have said I don't want to rush it."

"I would expect to make a decision by next Monday, but it could be sooner"


Full Article in this weeks edition of the CHAD.