Shirtliff looks for improvement

Speaking in the weeks Mansfield CHAD, Shirtliff said "At Shrewsbury we have to start making the correct decisions again. Against Bury we were making absolutely the worst choices possible. But you must remember they are mostly young players still learning the game."

Shirtliff has also spent this week trying to bolster the squad, "I can get through it at Shrewsbury with what we've got, but if I can get someone in who would help us then I will," he said.
"If you take away that first 10 minutes last Friday and look at the stats, we probably deserved three points, let alone a point.
"But you can't start a game like that and expect to get anything out of it.
"In the second half we were constantly attacking but Bury defended with a lot of spirit. And our finishing was woeful.
"Clear cut chances were few and far between and we lacked the attention to detail, desire, energy and willingness that we had shown in the previous five or six matches."


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